Meet The Pastors

Pastors Leonel and Olga Robles

Rev. Leonel and Olga Robles have been married for over 30 years. They are the proud parents of three sons, Leonel Jr., Javier and Jonathan; and one daughter, Kimberly and the proud grandparents of two, Mia and Jonathan Jr.

Pastor Robles was born in a traditional religious family. When he was nine months old he suffered a high fever for over three days. On the way to the hospital his mother came into contact with two Pentecostal missionaries who offered to pray for the infant. A bit reluctant at first because of her traditional beliefs, his mother accepted the prayer offer and by the time they reached the hospital the fever had disappeared, God had don a miracle. As a result, his mother made a commitment that from that day forward she would raise her children in the Pentecostal faith.

At the early age of 13 years old, after his baptism, he was selected by his pastor to be the Sunday School youth class substitute teacher. Several months later he became the youth class teacher, and shortly there after he preached his first sermon. Since then God started opening many doors in ministry. He was a bible institute teacher for over ten years.

Early in 2000 he felt a calling from God to plant a church and with the guidance of the Lord, he founded “The Way The Truth & The Life Church”. In 2010 God called him to plant a second church, and with the strength and guidance of the Spirit, he founded “Open Arms Worship Center”

Today Rev. Robles is the Senior Pastor at both churches. He has a passion for God and for reaching the Lost with a message of hope and transformation. He is a gifted speaker and bible teacher. His desire is to help everyone reach the full potential of what God has intended for them. His youngest son, Jonathan, was also called to ministry and today is the Lead Pastor at Evangel Church in Norristown PA.